• What we offer

    • Tonino Lamborghini Coffee
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • Professional baristas
    • Delicious Italian pastries
    • Even tea
  • Unfortunately we don’t offer…

    • A Lamborghini car
    • Burnt coffee
    • Annoying coffee names
    • Service with a frown


what we offer

Tonino Lamborghini Coffee cup_check

Our coffee, the Tonino Lamborghini Caffè Brand, has the right balance between the espresso shot and the steamed milk ratio all in order to create the perfect taste of real Italian coffee

Friendly atmosphere cup_check

Our staff are most warm and welcoming, which makes our coffee bar the ideal place to sit down and relax or for take-away if in a hurry

Professional baristas cup_check

Our baristas are well trained and experienced in the traditional Italian coffee making… and with an additional hint of love

Delicious Italian pastries cup_check

Excellent Italian coffee deserves to be accompanied only by the best Italian pastries, so if you fancy cannoncini, apolline sfogliatine or traditional panettone, you have arrived to the right place

even tea cup_check

Even though we specialize in coffee… we still offer you a wide range of tea

what we don’t offer

A Lamborghini car cuo_x

Unfortunately we’re out of stock at the moment

Burnt Coffee cuo_x

We care about everything we serve… we believe it’s a crime to burn the coffee

Annoying coffee names cuo_x

We follow the traditional Italian coffee making by serving mainly four types of coffee: ESPRESSO, MACCHIATO, CAPPUCCINO and LATTE

Service with a frown cuo_x

We believe in friendly service