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Are you too making the same mistakes that many coffee pod/capsule users make?

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Coffee lovers are always crazy about how their coffee tastes. A lot of people who love to enjoy coffee twice a day also buy Nespresso coffee maker. But when it comes to making a delicious coffee, many complain that it doesn’t taste well. They cringe every time they drink it and find it even worse than instant coffee. If yours is the same story, most probably you are also making two mistakes. So, stop convincing yourself that you will get used to it after a month and learn how you can improve the taste of your coffee.

First (False) Assumption:

The intensity rating represents how much caffeine each coffee capsule or pod contains!

Don’t assume that the higher the intensity rating on pod/capsule the more caffeine hit you will enjoy. It is easier for anyone to assume so because most of them are offered at similar prices. Therefore, people tend to think that they are getting the most out of the money they are spending on coffee by buying the higher intensity coffee capsules for Nespresso.

However, in reality, the game is different. The coffee pod with #5 rating doesn’t mean that it contains double the caffeine that is in the coffee pod with #10 rating. The rating of coffee pods and capsules is more associated with the taste of the coffee. The rating changes based on the type of coffee beans, the blend of beans, and the type of roast.

So, if you are too buying coffee pods or capsules with higher ratings thinking that you are getting more bangs for your buck or more caffeine hit, you should change this assumption. Start trying lower-intensity coffee capsules and pods and see if you are enjoying your coffee more.

Second (False) Assumption:

Buying the long shot rather than the short shot assuming that you are getting more bangs for the same price!

This happens with most people. In cafes, professionals use only around a 30ml shot of coffee. For the rest of the part, they use milk or hot water for long blacks. This technique allows you to extract the best oils, aroma, and flavor of the coffee. Using long shot to extract more for your coffee can ruin your coffee taste. Besides, cafes use a double shot basket that comes with double amount of grounds as compared to a standard basket. To prepare the equivalent coffee with pods or capsules, you should try using at least two pods/capsules.

If you find your coffee watery and less bitter, then start using short shots and your coffee experience will be transformed dramatically. You will start enjoying thick and creamy coffee again.

Coffee is meant to feel refreshed and energetic. Thus, a cup of coffee every morning is a great way to start your day. If it tastes bad, it doesn’t mean that your coffee maker or coffee pod or capsule is different from others. Just follow the above tips and you will find that the taste of your coffee is better than before.

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