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A burlap sack of coffee, in various countries it is a different weight. For example: Brazil a bag is 132 pounds. Colombia it is 154 pounds. In Hawaii it is 100 pound. (132 lbs. is the most common.)
Barista – A person who makes coffee drinks as a profession.
Bitter – The taste perceived at the back of the tongue. Dark Roasts are intentionally bitter. Over-extraction (too little coffee at too fine a grind) can cause a bad bitterness.
Blend – A mixture of two or more individual varietals of coffee.
Body – The tactile impression of the weight of the coffee in the mouth. May range from thin to medium to full to buttery to syrupy.
Bright – Tangy acidity is often described as bright.
Briny – The salty sensation caused by excessive heat after brewing.

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