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Nespresso Compatible Pods: Which coffee pods are compatible with my coffee machine?

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The coffee pods and capsules market has expanded significantly over the past decade. So much so, that there are so many brands out there that many are now unsure about which they should buy and whether they are compatible with Nespresso. Well, no need to worry, as this post is making it all that much easier for you. Just continue reading, and you will feel more enlightened.

Before we discuss the compatibility of our pods with Nespresso, we would like to share how coffee pods and coffee capsules are different; as a lot of people frequently ask for the difference between the two.

Are coffee capsules and coffee pods the same?

A coffee pod can be referred to as the coffee-making equivalent of the teabag. The amount of coffee wrapped in filter paper is usually enough for a single serving and the coffee in it is ready to be infused in the water. In general, Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) is the global standard for coffee pods and comes in the size of 44mm. Coffee pods are also widely known as coffee pads.

Even though, at the end, you will get great tasting coffee from both coffee capsules and pods, there is a difference in their types of packaging. The primary difference between the two lies in the construction of the pod and capsule. While coffee capsules are plastic containers that hold the coffee grounds along with the filter, a coffee pod is simply a bag made from a coffee filter that contains coffee grounds. Regardless of what you choose, you will always just push water through coffee grounds to make refreshing coffee.

Pods Compatibility of Nespresso Originalline

Excluding the Nespresso Veruoline/ Verturo machines, all coffee pods are compatible with the Nespresso Originalline/ Original. These are all also compatible with all models of DeLonghi /Breville Nespresso machines, such as all Essenza models, Le Cube, Citiz models, Pixie models, and Lattissima models, Maestria, and Inissia coffee machines. However, compatibility cannot be guaranteed with various professional coffee makers, such as Breville and Delonghi U Machines, Gaggia, Kitchen-aid machines, built-in models, capsule-holder machines, and also multi-capsule machines.

Nespresso Original vs. Nespresso Compatible

Various brands design coffee pods, which can be manufactured with different designs that work on different machines. The most common is the Nespresso Original or classic pod. You will find many third party manufacturers that produce pods compatible with Nespresso to provide access to quality coffee pods at reasonable prices. For instance, Tonino Lamborghini is a reputable brand that provides Coffee Capsules/Pods that are Compatible with Nespresso.

We hope, by now, you have understood the main difference between coffee capsules and pods as well as the Nespresso Original Compatible Pods and the third party brands.

If you have any queries regarding the coffee pods/capsules’ compatibility, please feel free to contact us.

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