Our Coffee

Tonino lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini Caffè Brand is a unique combination of exceptional quality beans and strict quality controls that makes the caffé blend a favourite for the most discerning coffee connoisseurs, with a creamy taste and rich body, full of the flavour of real Italian Espresso.

Our premium caffé blend is made using only the finest Arabica beans from Brazil and Ethiopia, in addition to the most valuable Robusta beans from Java. This blend is superior in terms of a floral aroma, heaviness on the mouth, the thick and deep cream, and the bitter, but pleasant chocolate after taste. The Robusta gives the Arabica a thick body and bitterness, which matches perfectly with their velvety acidity making the coffee absolutely heavenly.

Each variety of beans is carefully selected for its contribution to the overall blend for its flavour or texture, and for its contribution to the taste, body or cream of our premium caffé blend.

All of the beans in Tonino Lamborghini Caffè are from coffee farms which have been extensively researched and then authorised for use by Tonino Lamborghini’s head office in Bologna, Italy.

The roasting facility in Italy holds ISO9001 certification, HACCP registration and Kosher certification.