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Top 5 Tips to Select the Best Coffee Beans for Espresso Online

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Coffee technology has improved drastically; and whilst there has never been a better time to brew from home, it has also never been more complicated to pick the right espresso beans online.

The essential part of making a great espresso is getting the right beans. And despite an internet search yielding hundreds of options, none of the labels guarantee the coffee will taste great, let alone be fresh or ethically sourced.

Here we’ll talk about how to get the right espresso beans for your taste and preferences:

What is an Espresso bean?

Espresso beans are coffee beans that are used to brew espresso. Espresso is a method of coffee preparation. You can select the beans and roast them to create a certain flavor. Espresso can be rich with complex yet subtle flavors.

Coffee is a diverse fruit and comes in several different varieties. Certain coffees contain more sugar than others, which causes them to brew and taste different.

How to pick the right Espresso Beans?

When looking for the best coffee beans for an espresso, there are some things you need to take into consideration. A lot of it comes down to your personal choice.

  1. Origin

Origin means – region of origin or the country of origin. You can check the source of your coffee from the packaging.

Single-origin means that the beans come from a single source – either from a single estate or a single geographical area. All coffee differs in taste, based on their different regions. This is because of the climate, temperature, moisture, and many other elements.


  1. Blends or Single Origin

Single-origin beans are usually bold, but it heavily depends on where the bean is sourced. If you prefer balanced flavor, blended beans are a better option. Although both are good, it just depends on your personal preference.


  1. Roast Type

Coffee beans of espresso are either labeled as filter roast or espresso roast. Espresso roast beans can be made at home. Filter roast is ideal for manual brewing, either using a pour-over coffee maker or a drip coffee maker.

You can also define roast type as a light roast or dark roast. And for espresso, dark roast is much better.


  1. Color

When it comes to the beans of espresso, it should be dark but not too dark. When beans are extremely dark, it means they may have been over-roasted. Sometimes, coffee roasters do this to compensate for an inferior bean.


  1. Aroma

The aroma of espresso beans should be pleasing on the nose but not too acidic. If it smells burnt, it means the beans are over-roasted.


Where to buy Espresso Coffee Beans?

When it comes to where to buy espresso beans, many say buying at the local coffee shop. While it is okay to shop local, buying beans in small batches can lead to an inconsistency that can impact your ultimate brew. So, it is better to buy espresso beans online. Most of it involves convenience and the ability to purchase consistent coffee beans over time, without giving up on quality.

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