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Why Is Gourmet Coffee a Must-Have Item for Cafeterias and Coffee Shops?

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If you run a coffee shop, always remember that it is the quality and taste of coffee that bring customers, again and again, asking for more.

Coffee is something that people not only like to have at home to kick-start their day but also love to have with their friends and colleagues at cafes. In fact, many business meetings start with a cup of coffee.

Thus, to gain a competitive edge and make your coffee shop successful, you need to learn the art of satiating the taste buds of your customers and freshen up their minds with more coffee alternatives.

Gourmet Coffee is the New Black!!

Until recently, coffee suppliers had only a few options other than usual, short black, long black, latte, cappuccino, and Vienna. No matter the type, the basic choice of flavor was still a simple coffee with milk and sugar.

Today’s consumers are more sophisticated about their coffee choices. As such, coffee also now comes in almost any flavor, strength, or combination. This trend gives a greater push to the popularity of Gourmet Coffee.

No matter if you already have a coffee shop or going to open a new one, gourmet coffee is a must-have for your menu.

To ensure that people feel the urge to choose only you over your competitors, you need to add this item to your menu list. An increasingly large number of people are now asking for gourmet coffee to keep on their shelves and also ordering it in cafes, restaurants, or any place where they can buy coffee.

Why Is Gourmet Coffee Becoming So Much Popular? What’s So Special About Gourmet Coffee?

Don’t make the mistake of confusing gourmet coffee with any regular coffee. Gourmet Coffee is entitled to a premium position in the heart of coffee lovers owing to its rich taste and aroma.

While gourmet coffee has no specific definition, it is often referred to as specialty coffee which has been blended with compatible flavors. Though the basic texture and stimulant effect of a premium coffee are still present, its aroma and flavor are enhanced by a hint of other ingredients like mint, bacon, caramel, chocolate, vanilla, or other edibles with tantalizing properties.

That’s not all!

Gourmet coffee is also different from regular coffee because it is made of 100% Arabica beans that impart the full aroma, rich flavor, and enhanced sweetness that every coffee lover wants to savor.

How Do Arabica Beans Make Gourmet Coffee Extra Special?

Unlike Robusta beans (from which regular coffee is made), Arabica beans are grown in places with higher altitudes. This factor also plays a great role because it enhances the complex flavor and acidity of the coffee. That’s why some coffee roasters have started to mention elevation data on their coffee bags. The higher the elevation, the higher the cost!

Besides, Arabica coffee trees take around 5 to 7 years to reach their maturity stage. It means farmers are essentially having more confidence in this variety which made them invest for the long-term. While coffee made from Robusta beans tastes bitter, woody, and leathery, gourmet coffee made from Arabica beans tastes sweeter, better, and smoother.

Arabica beans contain around 60% more lipids and two times the amount of sugar. That’s why their flavor, aroma, and even the body of the coffee are much better than regular coffees.

So, if you want to please your customers and want them to reach you any time of the day they have the urge to have a cup of coffee, start shopping for gourmet coffee online. Why online? It’s because you will get to choose from the best brands from around the world.

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